Bobux founder Chris Bennett designed the very first soft shoes for his daughter in 1991. He was determined to find a shoe which would allow her feet to be free. As there was nothing available to buy back then he took to his garage. And from there, in New Zealand, the very first Soft Soled shoes were born.  Bobux have a commitment to delivering high quality and innovative products. Their aim to make the best shoes in the world for growing feet. 

Bobux feature arrange of styles which are designed around the key developmental milestones. Note it is stage rather than age that should guide you when choosing the correct style for your child. The staff at Happy Fit Footwear will measure your child’s foot and advice on the most appropriate style and fit. 

The Xplorer range (sizes 18-22) is for cruisers, crawling and pulling themselves up. They are just getting used to being on there feet and so you don’t want to put these little feet into a stiff rubber soled shoe. The Xplorer range feature light weight flexible shoes which allow the foot to move naturally.

Stage 2 is the Step Up (sizes 18-22). Step Ups are designed for children who are learning to walk and cruising around furniture. They feature a custom last with no arch and a rounded heel. They are designed to support healthy foot development through this critical stage.

The I Walk (sizes 22-26) is for the toddler stage and are designed to reflect the changes in the shape of the foot as the child matures. The Achillies and arch become more defined and the foot begins to lose its chubbiness.

Once a child is walking it won’t be long until they are running, jumping, skipping, kicking and climbing. And they will also be wanting a role in choosing footwear for themselves. The Kid+ (sizes 27-33) range is designed to meet the needs of these increased activity levels and are designed to appeal to both parents and children alike. 

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