Skobi is the brain child of Australian podiatrists Sophie and Jason. They were frustrated about the school shoe options currently available in Australia and were finding it difficult to make recommendations for their paediatric patients. Their shoes combine their skillset as podiatrists, with their knowledge as parents of school aged children. And acknowledging no two pairs of feet are the same, their school shoes come in 3 levels of motion support: 

Natural Motion: provide a soft, flexible feel. These shoes are great for first walkers and children with sensitive feet. 

Moderate stability: These shoes have a firmer heel counter and sole and will accommodate foot orthoses if required. They are a little more weighty than the natural motion styles.

Optimal stability: As the name suggests, these school shoes offer maximal stability. The heel counter is slightly deeper, and the sole slightly firmer than in the moderate stability shoes. As with the moderate stability range, they will accommodate foot orthoses if required.

If you have a 10 year old who is still struggling with their laces, or a child who wears thought their school shoes half way through term one, come in to Happy Fit Footwear and discover what Skobi have to offer!

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