The Vionic Group create a range of supportive footwear and orthotics. We have been prescribing and modifying their medical grade Vasyli orthotics in our podiatry practice for over 20 years. We often use these as an alternative to custom made orthotics, especially in the growing foot. The company was started in 1979 by Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli. He wanted to produce orthotics and footwear that were more accessible and affordable to people in pain.

Vionic offer a range of stylish footwear options including thongs with contoured footbeds. As podiatrists we always caution our patients against wearing thongs for anything more than around the pool or at the beach. However, if people are going to wear them for more than this (and I know we Aussies love our thongs!) at least choose the best! Vionic offers choices of colours, patterns and styles to ensure you are always looking the part!

One of the most popular shoes in the Vionic range is the casual sneaker known as ‘Miles’. This is a more substantial light weight sneaker than other popular brands on the market. We love the supportive heel counter and midsole, not to mention the selection of vibrant colour options. Remember Happy Fit Footwear is where style and comfort meet!

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