Julius Marlow

Julius Marlow started out in Melbourne in 1928 and has a rich history in producing high quality and innovative designs. Happy Fit Footwear stock a range of Julius Marlow boots and shoes including Crystal Sole and O2 motion styles.

Julius Marlow’s Crystal Sole work shoes for men are designed to provide maximum grip and support. The sole is made from pure runner and does not contain any metal allowing you to breeze through airport security. Julius Marlow’s O2 Motion styles are designed to improve the efficiency of your gait. They should feel comfortable straight out of the box without the need to break them in. 

The Crystal Sole and O2 Motion styles come in a variety of colour options including black, rich tan and the new mocha which looks great if you wear blue or grey suits. Additional features include a padded collar to reduce rubbing, a removable footbed for those who wear orthotics, and some also feature an antibacterial treatment to help reduce odour. 

So, when comfort is an much of a priority as style Julius Marlow’s O2 Motion and Crystal Sole are a must try.

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