Hush Puppies

In 1958 Hush Puppies bounded into the world with their casual comfort footwear. The mix of style and comfort have helped grow Hush Puppies into the global brand they are today. The iconic basset hound is their mascot and mark of their slightly less formal take on style. At Happy Fit Footwear we stock a range of Hush Puppies including styles from their Bounce range. Hush Puppies Bounce technology features resilient energy returning footbeds and outer sole pods designed to absorb and redistribute shock.

Few people know the origins of the Hush Puppies name. In the early days, a company sales man was having dinner with a friend, and the dish of the day were ‘hush puppies’. Intrigued by the name, he inquired with the wait staff, and was told farmers fed this combination of catfish and corn fritters to their dogs to stop them barking. At the time, sore feet were known as barking dogs, and so Hush Puppies became the footwear to quiet your barking dogs!

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